Biology: Concentration in Marine Biology, B.S.

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拼搏体育's 南佛罗里达 location makes it an ideal place to study marine biology, which is the study of organisms in the ocean or other marine bodies of water.

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Why Study Biology: Concentration in Marine Biology at PBA?

Marine life helps to support recreation and tourism, globally. And, at a basic level, it assists in determining the nature of our planet. Enriching courses are offered such as, Physical Oceanography and Ecology, along with a Christ-centered learning perspective taught by an outstanding faculty. PBA is one of few Christian institutions to offer a biology concentration in marine biology.



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  • 鱼类生物学家
  • 海洋生物学家
  • 科研技术人员


As a student in the School of Arts & 科学, you’ll find a rich array of programs—from creative writing and philosophy to mathematics and the sciences—all of which are delivered with a Christian worldview. And you’ll discover opportunities that could include studying marine wildlife in the Galapagos, the Atlantic or the Everglades; interning at a Fortune 500 company; or exploring the ancient architecture of Rome. On any given day as a student in the School of Arts & 你可能会发现:

  • Presenting research at a national psychology conference
  • Analyzing polling data as an intern for a candidate for Congress
  • Studying sea turtles in the Atlantic
  • Participating in exciting educational trips, including to the Galapagos or the Everglades.
  • Supporting the computer network for one of 西拼搏体育’s Fortune 500 companies
  • DNA分析
  • Publishing a story in PBA’s literary journal Living Waters Review
  • Walking the stages of London’s renowned theatres
  • Enhancing your knowledge and skills through clubs and organizations, like the Mathematics Club or the Marine Biology Club


The program provides exciting hands-on labs and other learning opportunities, including field trips to places such as the Everglades, the Galapagos Islands and Costa Rica. Our students also intern at leading scientific organizations and agencies, some of which include:

  • 马克斯普朗克研究所
  • 斯克里普斯研究所
  • 红海龟海洋生物中心
  • 莫特海事化验所
  • 麦克阿瑟海滩州立公园
  • Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management
  • 南佛罗里达 Water Management District

Benefit from Your Local Community

Our location on the Lake Worth Lagoon, only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and less than an hour drive from the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, provides easy access to a number of fascinating natural habitats.

Benefit from Top-Notch Facilities

You’ll benefit from learning in 南佛罗里达, which has an increasing concentration of companies involved in medical, 制药, biotechnology and biochemistry areas, 包括:

PBA’s biology graduates are prepared to excel in a broad range of scientific disciplines. They’ve been accepted at top medical and graduate schools such as:

  • Florida State University Medical School
  • University of Georgia Medical School
  • New York University College of Dentistry
  • 约翰霍普金斯大学
  • 牛津大学
  • 斯克里普斯研究所
  • 密歇根大学
  • 圣母大学
  • University of Southern California

And you’ll find them working with impressive organizations 包括:

  • Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management
  • 佛罗里达州立公园系统
  • 谢德水族馆
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • 红海龟海洋生物中心
  • 兰德眼科研究所
  • 拼搏体育动物园
  • Palm Beach County School District

Learn more about your classes and requirements in the 课程目录.

PBA awards over three million dollars in 奖学金 every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive 金融援助.



From the intrigue of the Intercoastal Waterway to the inspiration of the stunning DeSantis Chapel, to the opportunities in bustling downtown 西拼搏体育, to the comfort of a cozy residence hall, 你在这里会有家的感觉. Come experience the vibrant, supportive, inspiring campus of PBA for yourself.





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